Let me take a moment to introduce myself; my name is Annette Tomes and I am the owner and designer of Floraworx, LLC. I have over twelve years of experience with floral and landscape design work and I have a true passion for my craft. I believe that my experiences as a horticulturist gives me a unique perspective on floral design work by using unusual materials in my designs.

From a casual gathering to the most formal of events, I can create designs that are sure to please. Start-to-finish, I work closely with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. No budget is too small to create something special.

I take floral design to a whole other level — ART. In an effort to create unique, memorable designs, I make a point to pull inspiration from everywhere I can: nature, history, color, texture, fantasy, and even culture. I research, collect, draw, scribble, and imagine every detail my clients give me to get to the final product. I want my designs to have meaning to my clients, unique to them and their event. I always find a way to add some special meaning or sentiment to my designs, especially for weddings and anniversaries.

Please visit FloraWorx at www.floraworxllc.net



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