757 Dance

Ballroom Instructor, Regina Raimona, began her journey in dance in NYC where friends gathered together to learn in church basements and practiced various patterns and styles.  A few years later she enjoyed Salsa lessons until she moved to Virginia Beach and took a break from the dance community.  It didn’t take long to miss dancing and she found herself back involved in classes and the Salsa community.  It didn’t take long for her to wonder onto a new dance floor where she found herself absorbed in the ballroom community.  In her free time she volunteers with Toastmaster’s and Red Cross and has been seen on Wavy TV for kid talk, commercials and interviewed on a local christian station.

 Regina’s diverse experience opened up many new doors from working on music videos, various fundraisers like Dancing with the Stars for United Way to Beyond Boobs for Breast Cancer.  She is on the board for Tidewater Chapter, USA Dance Chapter #6008 and serves as the Social Dance Committee Chair.

You can find her teaching in various locations like the Great Bridge YMCA, Blocker YMCA, Botanical Gardens and various studios.  She loves working with beginners for social dancing, weddings and fundraisers as well as networking with various organizations and assisting with event planning for conferences, weddings and other group activities.

For more information visit www.757dance.com/

757 dance 1

757 dance

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