Something old, something new…

The tradition for the bride to have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue incorporated in her outfit comes originally from an old english poem. 

Something old

This item represents the bride’s connection with her past and links the past to the future of the couple. Choose a family heirloom or a meaningful item that you have owned for a while.

Something new

The new item stands for a bright future and new beginning for the couple. A lot of times the wedding dress is chosen as the “something new”. The new wedding rings or any accessory bought for the wedding can fulfill this purpose as well.

Something borrowed

The “something borrowed” represents the family and friends and their part in the marriage. This item also symbolizes good wishes for the couple and is supposed to bring in happiness from another marriage. Borrow an accessory from a good friend or family member who is in a happy marriage.

Something blue

The color blue originally stands for loyalty and purity and represents the couple’s faithfulness to each other. Often the garter is chosen as “something blue” but brides can get creative here. Wear blue shoes, a blue hairpin or carry a blue flower in your bouquet.

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