How to stay cool on your wedding day

Summer weddings are wonderful but rising temperatures can make the happy couple and their guests uncomfortable. Here are some tips on how to stay cool on the big day.

1. Provide fans

If your ceremony is taking place outside on a really hot day consider providing your guests with handhold fans. Pick fans in your wedding color or customize them by printing the ceremony program on the fans.

2. Look for the shade

An outdoor ceremony or reception is much more enjoyable for your guests if they are shielded by some trees, a tent or canopy.

3. Keep your guests hydrated

Make sure to provide a water station or some bottled water even prior to the ceremony. When guests arrive they can have a cold drink while waiting for the ceremony to start.

4. Keep things light 

Consider the temperatures when picking out your dress, the groom’s suit and the attire of your bridal party. Choose light materials like chiffon or organza for the dresses. Also use waterproof make up and a light powdered foundation.

5. Offer a cool treat

Guests will love a refreshing treat on a hot summer wedding. Consider having an ice cream station or popsicles for desert. 





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