Shopping for your wedding dress

Finding the perfect dress can be a fun and emotional experience for a bride, but it can also be a challenge. Here are some great tips that can help brides to make shopping for their wedding dress easy and enjoyable.


1. Be prepared

Before you go dress shopping get inspired by reading through bridal magazines or searching online. Find out what dress style, shape, details and color you prefer. Another important part of getting started is to figure out who is paying for the dress and to set up a budget.
Also give yourself enough time to find your dress, if possible you should schedule your appointment no later than three to four month before your wedding day.

Tip: Most bridal salons are not as busy on weekdays and in the morning.

2. Plan a great shopping day

If you can take the day off and dedicate a whole day to shopping for a wedding dress. Usually appointments at bridal salons are about one and a half hours long. Avoid booking more than two to three appointments as this can be stressful and overwhelming. Also allow enough time between appointments for traveling to the salon as well as relaxing. Before you head out the door for your first appointment make sure to eat a healthy meal that will help keeping you going.

3. Your entourage

Finding your dress can be a great experience to share with close friends and family. A group of about three people is best when it comes to wedding dress shopping. Larger entourages can overwhelm a bride with different opinions and expectations. Invite people that are close to you and whose opinion you value. That can be your best friend, sister, mother or mother in law. Today even men (your brother, father, or a close friend) are invited to go dress shopping =) Including someone in the search for your dress is a sweet gesture and will make them feel really special.

4. What else to bring

When shopping for your dress you want to wear simple undergarments as well as a strapless bra. Also bring a hair clip to “fake” the look of an updo and wear a natural make up. If you already have accessories that you want to wear on your wedding day, make sure to bring them with you to your appointment to find a dress that will look great with it. Think of the type of shoe you want to wear on your wedding day and bring a pair of heels or flats.

Tip: To keep track of the dresses you try on bring your phone or a camera and ask a person in your entourage to take pictures.

5. You found your dress – what now?

You found the dress that makes your heart skip a beat? Congratulations! Now it is time to go over the details with your bridal consultant. This includes the price, name, color and style of the dress as well as delivery date and the salon’s cancellation policy. Bridal salons usually ask for a down payment of 50%. Also do not forget to schedule your fittings. Normally about three fittings are scheduled for alterations.


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