Trend: Edible wedding favors

Here are five fun and unique edible favors your guests will love!

Pic wedding favor

  1. Piece of cake
    Provide your guests with to go boxes and they can take a piece of wedding cake home. This is especially great since sometimes guests are too busy dancing or talking while the cake is served.
  2. Cookies with initials
    Personalized cookies with you and your spouse’s initials on it make a delicious and unique wedding favor.
  3. Mints
    Your guests will a enjoy cute box full of personalized mints. You can get creative here and have  the wedding date, your names or little hearts printed on the mints.
  4. Homemade jam
    Anything homemade is meaningful. Giving your guests a glass of you or your love’s favorite jam is a sweet and unique gesture.
  5. Your favorite spice or sauce
    Edible wedding favors don’t always have to be sweet. Are you a couple who loves a good BBQ? That is great and you can share that with your guests. Your favorite steak rub or BBQ sauce will be a great wedding favor.

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