Four reasons for hiring a professional wedding planner

  1. Wedding planning is their job!
    Some brides want to plan their own wedding together with their spouse, a friend or a family member. But while wedding planning can be fun it is a lot of work as well. A wedding planner is hired to work and brings in lots of experience and knowledge. It is their profession to assist in planning and to execute weddings all the time. 
  2. They know the industry and your vendors
    When hiring different vendors for your wedding a planner can be helpful. Wedding planners know the style, personality and price range of the vendors and make the process of finding the perfect fit for you easy. There is no need for hours of internet research and indecision.
  3. They can mediate between you and your family/friends
    Another advantage of hiring a wedding planner is bringing in a third party that is not  emotionally attached and offers an outside point of view. Wedding planners can be great mediators between you and your family or friends. They ensure smooth decision making and can solve any possible tensions.
  4. They make sure you can enjoy your big day
    A day-of-planner is responsible for set up and break down. While you and your bridal party can focus on hair and make up, a wedding planner is getting everything else ready for the ceremony and reception. Also you can leave your wedding and enjoy being married without worrying about cleaning up or returning rentals. Your planner takes care of that for you. And should anything unexpected happen on your wedding day, no worries – your wedding planner has it under control!

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