Behind the scenes of The Grand and The Pearl Photo shoot

Here are some behind the scene looks of yesterdays amazing shoot at the Newport News Marriott at city center. We had a great time as usual working with some wonderful people. A big thank you to everyone who was involved in making this shoot happen.

Coordination: Marie Leach | Photographer: Sean Holder | Venue: Newport News Marriott at City Center | Makeup: Cypress Makeup Artist | Flowers: Annette Tomes | Hair: Leiah Marie Muller | Jewelry: Long Jewelers | Videography: Derrick McCraw | Model: Eugenia Gonzales | Uplighting: Mike Menichino |Transportation: Excalibur Ricky Chew


15808_939059076121601_3866466091706116771_n 10304640_939058732788302_4148566043775011714_n 10304695_939058859454956_5809460397888624830_n 10357591_939058799454962_2029338913542038358_n 10384826_939059046121604_6604437119219890774_n 10407086_939058819454960_9022508528571326707_n 10407935_939058956121613_1685461681581451792_n 10409266_939058709454971_6710739651785571643_n 10415662_939058752788300_1027554140096299303_n 10517676_939058672788308_8249320730930108571_n 10564993_939058779454964_6710819662917785875_n 10689789_939058876121621_6850839932763629392_n 10731153_939058916121617_8073855103466142485_n

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