Sponsor Spotlight: Cypress Gorres-Makeup & Hair Stylist

In 2011, she attended the Famous Face Academy in Frankfurt, Germany for one year training as a Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist where she received my certification. During her education and apprenticeship, she was able to engage in different areas for fashion show, photo shoot, film, music video, print and gained worthwhile professional experiences.

She is professional with strong communication and organizational skills gained by working in fields in all aspects of media makeup artistry. She does freelancing and used to be one of the Makeup Artists working in Sceneline Studios Frankfurt. She has passion for creative looks, colors and fashion. She constantly finds artistic inspiration throughout the surroundings.

She loves bringing out the optimum beauty in every ethnicity while harnessing my knowledge and professional skills to provide healthy skin and best results. She lives for the rewarding moments when the clients love every look she has created for them. She’s creative, innovative and strive for perfection. She continually learns about the best makeup and newest techniques to progress herself as an artist and to be able to offer the best for her clients.

Because of her diverse background and experience, she creates a unique style accredited only to herself and her artistic talent.

For more information, please visit http://cypressgorres.com/


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