It’s funny how things start… One man’s frustration during a difficult bathroom remodel has become an industry-leading company decades later.

The original idea belonged to a man named Brian Cotton. His goal was to create a long-term, sturdy bathtub liner solution that fit perfectly over old, worn bathtubs yet offered more than short-term bathtub refinishing and resurfacing technologies. It quickly turned into a family project, with brothers Wayne and Glenn helping him conduct research before producing the first bathtub liners in 1984 in Montreal, Canada.

Among the company’s first clients
were Montreal’s Sheraton Centre, the storied Château Laurier hotel in Ottawa and the four-diamond  Royal York hotel in Toronto. By 1987, Bath Fitter had moved into its own manufacturing facility and entered the residential market. One-piece bath and shower walls, bathtub liners, shower liners, shower enclosures, free-standing tubs and showers – as well as a full line of color-matched accessories – were subsequently developed and introduced. Now homeowners could also benefit from beautiful new bathrooms in just one day.

By the early 1990s, Bath Fitter had found a way to bring its products to more customers through a network of franchises and company-owned locations across the United States and Canada. This strategy enabled the company to expand steadily without sacrificing any of its hard-won high standards or its commitment to excellence.

Today, Bath Fitter products are manufactured in ultra-modern facilities in the U.S. and Canada. Homeowners and commercial customers can choose from a product line that includes acrylic bathtubs, acrylic tub surrounds, shower bases, replacement shower walls, domed ceilings, shower liners, tub and shower doors, a variety of color-matched accessories – and,wainscoting. The Bath Fitter brand is now synonymous with beautiful, affordable bathroom remodeling.

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