The North End Photo Shoot #thenorthend

Photo Shoot at the Holiday Inn North Beach gearing up for our bridal expo there April 19th, 2015 from 2pm-5pm.
Coordinators: Ellasin Allen and Brittany Hatley #EllasinsEvents
Photographers: Judith Chauvette #FreshLookPhotography #FreshLook
Hair and Makeup: Leiah Marie Muller #PrimAndPr0per
Jewelry: Beth Vinson #MySecretGardenVA
Decor Lighting: Michael “Cheno” Menichino #ProTones
Venue contact: Emily Miller #holidayinnnorthbeach
Gowns: Frenchie Johnson #LeVonsFashions (pinterest)
Models: Valerie Williams #valeriewilliams and Kristina Bessette (girl model)
Show Bride Admin: Virginia Bessette #showbride
Also visit Fresh Look Photography’s blog about this photo shoot:  
Fresh Look Photography_2014_5
Fresh Look Photography_2014_24
Fresh Look Photography_2014_45
Fresh Look Photography_2014_53
Fresh Look Photography_2014_85

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