Works of Brian- Boudoir Photo Session

He is a fifteen-year military veteran of teamwork, crushing deadlines, and exceeding expectations.  He has degrees in Aerospace, Science, Education, and Photography.  He is also a published and award-winning photographer, specializing in wedding, fine-art, conceptual, portrait, and landscape photography.  He is well known for bringing the best out of my team and facing challenges as the tip of the spear, or the staff.  Challenge him, and experience what he can do for you.  As your photographer, he is determined to create images that are worthy to hang on any wall in your home, office, or finest gallery. He will not rest until he has created an image that is full of passion, creativity, and stunning beauty.

The mission of his work is to draw in its audience and reiterate the simplest and most primal of reasons for existing, and that is to be provocative, invigorating, intelligent, and abysmal.

 For more information about Works of Brian, visit

Photographer: Brian Brown (boudoir) #WorksOfBrian
Venue contact: Emily Miller #holidayinnnorthbeach
Model: Christina Ellis (boudoir) #jynxxx1 #christinaellis




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