Vendor Spotlight: CakeAlicious

Her experience began as a child when she prepared mud pies with rocks in them (they were the nuts).  One Christmas her parents gave her an Easy-Bake Oven.  Little did she know that would lead to creating towering layers of wedding cakes.  Her classes began in 1988 while she was working in the sales and catering department of a local 5-star hotel.   She enjoyed creating unique cakes so much that she took the basic classes and voila……………
A career was born.

In recent years, she have been fortunate enough to take some phenomenal lessons from some of the masters such as Mercedes Strachwsky, Ron Ben Israel, Bronwen Weber, Julie Bashore, Mary Ann Moy  and  Roland and Marsha Winbeckler.  She has also enjoyed the pleasure of meeting Norman Davis,  Mike Terry, Buddy Valastro and Ashley Vicos.  They are all so gifted and it is her goal to continue to pursue lessons from craftsmen of their caliber.

For more information please visit

or visit her booth at our March 29th Bridal Expo at the Williamsburg Hellenic Center.



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