Vendor Highlight: Pinch of Charm Weddings

Pinch of Charm has a few steps for Brides-to-be with planning stages of your wedding and working with a planner.

Step 1: Research. I can’t stress that enough. Before you start the “planning” process, be sure to research the average cost of a wedding in your area.

Step 2: Tell us about you. I mean, everything… really… even your shoe size (kidding!) But seriously, tell us about your dream wedding. The more you give us, the more we can understand what’s going on in your mind! Be exact. Only you know what your heart desires.

Step 3: Be realistic. If you live in Oklahoma and you’re wanting an Elephant for your wedding…. be prepared to either be let down or make sure you’ve got Daddy Warbucks on speed dial.

Step 4: BREATHE! Getting married is supposed to be the happiest day of your life! We know it can be stressful, but if we aren’t stressing, you shouldn’t be either!

Step 5: Be patient. Honestly! Rome wasn’t built in a day… and a wedding doesn’t happen overnight.

Step 6: Enjoy the little things. Turn the planning process into fun date nights! When the DJ wants to know your music list, don’t fret (no pun intended)! Grab a bottle of wine, sit out back on a nice fall evening and enjoy your walk down  memory lane.

Step 7: Love thy neighbor. Planning a wedding brings out all kinds of emotions in you AND your family. With that being said, be the bigger person and let it roll right off your back. This is when wedding etiquette comes in to play all the way! (no elbows on the table dear…)

Step 8: Cry. Yes, you read that correctly… CRY. Every girl needs to cry a little. And although you have hired a wedding planner (Us we hope!) there will still be moments in the planning process where you just hit a wall and you’re over it. I am giving you permission to cry.

Want to know more about Pinch of Charm Weddings, visit their website at

Also visit their booth at the July 26th Bridal show at the Two Rivers Country Club. For more information or for tickets, visit



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