Madly Modern Bridal Expo


Mad Men + Madly Modern = Madly Modern Bridal Expo
The Mad Men TV Show is a look that we are inspired to have a photo shoot in the first floor look ground level area at the Newport News Marriott so thats how we came up with the name of the next bridal show.


Madly Modern=

Simplicity and symmetry are key when incorporating the early ’60s into your living space or wedding. And remember the minimalist mindset — less is more.

Brazen Color Palettes=

Vibrant hues were no longer reserved for floral arrangements or small accessories — the ’60s were all about incorporating bright colors in a bold way. Harness the vibrant hues of the era by painting one wall as a focal point or by upholstering large furniture items in a brilliant blue or fiery red.

Frisky Patterns and Enticing Textiles=

Add the outdoors to your ’60s-style wedding by incorporating wood accent pieces with simple, modern lines and accent pillows with geometric prints.

Vintage Holdovers=

Keep your wedding from looking over-styled by picking up a few vintage items to incorporate into your Mad Men-inspired wedding. Search flea markets and antique stores for pieces like a 1950s console television with a wood casing that can serve as an end table and a conversation piece.

Photos by Meredith Ryncarz Photography




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