Alan Berg



“I’m a Suburban Renaissance Man”… a husband, father, son, friend, speaker, author, salesman, marketer, musician, handyman, consultant, teacher and I’ve been told, an all-around nice guy. I’m passionate about my family and my work. Like many of you, I love being creative and working with my hands, as well as my mind (that’s what the wrench in my logo stands for). Your success leads to more success for me. You’ve probably heard that when you give first, you’ll get more than you could have ever asked for. It’s true. I’m living for today, while planning for tomorrow.


“Alan came to our store to work with our sales team. He engaged them in a way that proved to be captivating for them and resulted in lasting impact for our business. We intend to bring him back yearly to train new staff and bring fresh perspectives and energy as we continue to grow our business.”– Jennifer Sinnett, The Gown Gallery, Kansas City, MO

“Alan’s training is a must for any business, with his fresh approach and fantastic tips you would be missing out if you haven’t seen him.”– Ali Moore,

“Alan was wonderful to work with! He came to give my team a private sales training (for a second time) and was very engaging. I greatly enjoyed that the training was more of a conversation and was tailored to our specific needs. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking for personalized sales training. Looking forward to next year!”

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