The Military Event Planner

“While They Are Standing Watch, Let Us Watch Over Your Event
Catering to Military Brides to Be and Military Events”

Nakeya has always had a passion about two things: planning events with class and style and helping her fellow military spouse. While planning her own wedding, Nakeya was faced with the task of planning a wedding during a deployment. Nakeya had to change her date and her venue to accommodate the ships schedule. It was during this process that Nakeya decided that she would finally live her dream of being an event planner and became a certified event planner to help other future brides avoid the same pitfalls that she faced.
Nakeya was given the honor of serving as the vice president of the family readiness group aboard her husband’s ship. With that position Nakeya mentored and planned events for the thousands of families that were assigned to that ship. Nakeya served in this role until her husband’s orders required them to PCS to a different duty station.
Nakeya and her Kouture team understand the pitfalls that brides face when planning wedding especially military brides. KeyasKoutureEvents is more than just planning an event, it’s about taking your vision and making it a Kouture event to remember. KeyasKoutureEvents believes in Pulling Them Through The Ranks, One Bride at A Time.

Visit her website HERE!


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