11.22.16 Founders Inn by SQ Photography

attendeesTaken by Sean Quezada of SQ Photography, all 135 images can be found here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskHzpDM8. This is Showbride‘s 76th bridal show, the Southside’s Finest Bridal Expo, and the last one in 2016. The onstage fashion show featured David’s Bridal and Miguel’s Formal Wear at the Founders Inn and Spa. It was wonderful to feature all the elements in a bridal show for the venue, the attendees, and all the exhibitors!


Thank you to the following participants for adding to this show’s success!
Founders Inn & Spa 757-424-5511 foundersinn.com
David’s Bridal 877-921-2743 davidsbridal.com
Miguel’s Formal Wear 757-461-5466 miguelsformalwear.com
MorLina Events 757-724-3274 morlinaevents.com
BlushTones 757-672-7972 blushtones.com
Flawless Pros 909-633-3891 flawlesspros.com
P&P Video 757-575-2358 pandpvideo.com
Savy Events 713-299-6206 savyevents.com
Frank Sings Frank 757-275-5833 franksingsfrank.com
757 Dance 757-340-1357 757dance.com
One Love Caribbean Steel Drum Band 757-640-1508 onelovesteelband.com
ProTones 757-431-4501 protones.me
Events by Truly Yours 757-784-7661 eventsbytrulyyours.com
SQ Photography 757-553-7262 sqphotography.me

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