5 Reasons to Participate in a Bridal Show

attendeesphoto credit: SQ Photography

  1. Meet Brides! Where else can you meet so many brides in one day and in one convenient location.
  2. Stand Out! Bridal shows provide you with the opportunity to show the bride what sets you apart from the competition. Display your work and your company’s individual personality.
  3. Face-to-Face connection! Do you have a winning personality? Make a personal connection with brides that can only be made at a bridal show. You can’t create that intimate connection with your potential client through search engines and web site advertising.
  4. Well Rounded Marketing! Many bridal show producers offer well rounded marketing packages that may include print advertising, web, bridal shows and more! Take advantage of advertising to as many brides as possible without having to spread out your marketing dollars thin! A consumer must see your name between 3-7 times before it sticks!
  5. Fun! Bridal shows are fun! What a high energy way to reach brides. Enjoy a day or two away from the office and cold calls. Network with other vendors and fill your calendar with appointments.

There is no better way to market your business than at a quality bridal show. Thank you BSPi: Bridal Show Producers International! https://bspishows.wordpress.com/category/bridal-show-participation-tips/

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