Brides get a free copy of “Oola for Women”

Oola Find Balance
Thanks to corporate sponsor, Young Living Essential Oils, there is the unique opportunity to donate a copy of the new book (released on May 2, 2017) “Oola for Women”, along with bookmarks, to each bride attending the next upcoming Showbride bridal show. Since the first copy of the original International Best selling book “Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World” rolled off the presses, the Oola phenomenon has reached millions of people worldwide through live events, social media, criss-crossing our wonderful country.

Now, Oola is teaming up with the original publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, to take the simple life changing message of Oola specifically to women. Inspired by stories they have heard from everyday women doing extraordinary things, they show a simple path to those seeking a life of less stress and more purpose and to women who want to tap into the greatness that is within them as Oola helps reveal the greatness within them. #oola

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