Brides get a free copy of Outer Banks Weddings Magazine

Outer Banks Weddings.jpg
Thank you to Showbride‘s new proud sponsor, the Outer Banks Wedding Association, for providing a free copy of the 2017 Outer Banks Weddings magazine to each bride, groom or partner attending the next upcoming Showbride bridal show! With real love stories, inspiring imagery, and the work of our passionate members, begin to envision your own wedding with Outer Banks Weddings, featuring members of The Outer Banks Wedding Association.

This beautifully designed magazine features a full member directory with contact information for all of The Outer Banks Wedding Association’s wedding professionals. Their goal is for you to use this magazine from the start of planning to finish, and for it to inspire and assist you in every aspect of your own unique Outer Banks wedding. It’s free to all brides attending Showbride‘s upcoming bridal show. If you would like to simply browse the magazine, they have provided an online version. #obxwa #OuterBanksWeddingAssociation #OuterBanksWeddings #Showbride


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