3 Things Every Bridesmaid Should Know Before Throwing A Bachelorette Party

Your best friend is getting married! This is the most joyful, exciting, exhilarating and definitely the most stressful time in her life. With all of the emotions that come with the big day, she will need a stress-free night to have some fun with her closest friends. That is where you, the bridesmaid, comes in. Just as important as your role of tending to the bride on the wedding day, is the role of throwing the perfect bachelorette party.AimeeLyons
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But, don’t panic. Your party planning is going to be fantastic, the bride is going to be ecstatic, and you are all going to have memories to talk about for years to come. The best part is, none of it has to break the bank. So before you reserve the hotel rooms, refer friends to get those Uber discounts, or order your bridesmaids’ tees, keep in mind the three things every bridesmaid should know before throwing the bachelorette party:

Keep the Bride Comfortable
The overall goal of the bachelorette party is to celebrate the bride and her big day. It should be a night for the bride to relax and and ease her jittery thoughts. It doesn’t have to cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars. Just choose a location that fits her style and your wallet. Either host it at your place, or ask one of the bridesmaids to host it at theirs.

Games are a great way to keep everyone entertained and carefree, while not shelling out too much cash. You could even have a portion of the night dedicated to hearing funny newlywed stories from the other bridesmaids or ask the guests to share upbeat marriage advice. Whatever the evening’s plans are, make sure they leave room for comforting the nervous bride.

Cut the Drama
Let’s be real, a night out or a bachelorette weekend get-away with the girls can quickly become a dramafest. Cost of the party, relationship status call-outs, and caddy comparisons are the quickest way to kill the bride’s wedding vibes. As soon as any of that starts, cut the drama by refocusing the conversation on the bride. Keep a few topics on hand for quick drawl throughout the night, including ideas like discussing the honeymoon destination or the proposal story.

Keep Up With the Details
The craziest and busiest time for the bride is the last few months leading up to the wedding day. She has stuffed envelope after envelope with expensive invitations, coordinated the DJ, scheduled videographer, met with the photographer, and managed list upon list of to-do’s before she can do the “I-do’s”. The bachelorette party is the one part of wedding planning that someone else plans for her. It’s the night she can put down the planner and actually let loose. Don’t be surprised if she seems a little on edge or frazzled. She might forget the little details like what time the party starts, where she left her car keys, or if she set her security system before leaving the house. Her bridesmaids should be paying attention to all the small, easily forgotten tasks and checking them off the list before the bride has any time to notice. For example, make sure at least one of the bridesmaids thinks about home security and knows how to use the home alarm system in case the bride forgets to turn it on when she leaves for the party. Stress and busyness are actually linked to forgetfulness, so remind her to breathe and let her just be free of nagging responsibilities for the night.

Keep a simple checklist during your bachelorette party planning process. It should include a budget page, a list of entertainment ideas, snack options, and the guest list. But don’t forget the most important element of any bachelorette party is making the bride feel celebrated and excited about her wedding. Perhaps you should even ask her what every one of her bridesmaids should know before her big day.

Author Aimee is passionate about DIY projects and sharing tips about them. alyons@diydarlin.com

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