The Origin of Euro Oval Stickers

I DoJust like the “OBX” for the Outer Banks of North Carolina, they are white ovals with a black outline and a black acronym inside. The usage of these white oval decals originated in Europe in the early 20th century. They came up with the idea of making it mandatory to put a white oval-shaped sticker with black country initials on the back of all vehicles. These days, oval stickers with an international circulation mark are not as common anymore in Europe. These oval-shaped country stickers have never been subject to any kind of regulation. Custom oval euro stickers are a great way to promote any product or event.

Long ago, after the bride and groom said, “I do,” they were to go “close the deal” and consummate the marriage. In time, this was all a bit, and later decided the bride can just toss her bouquet as a diversion to make her getaway. The groom could remove the bride’s garter and toss it back to prove that he was about to, uh, get ‘er done lol. #ido #euroovalstickers #showbride #hamptonroadsweddings

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