Cpix Aperture Vintage Aesthetic Photo Highlights

Cpix Aperture Vintage Aesthetic Photo Highlights
Thank you Cpix Aperture at www.cpixaperture.com for these photo highlights from the Vintage Aesthetic Bridal Expo at the Historic Post Office in Hampton, VA. Also thank you Historic Post Office at thehistoricpostoffice.com, Truly Yours Bridal attrulyyoursbridal.com, Express Valet LLC at expressvaletllc.com, Dr. Shena Dixon Mason, Esq. at dixonmason.com, Colonial DJs at colonialdjs.com, Reason-a-BOWS at reason-a-bows.com, Makeup Artist Sarah Slade at sarahsladebeauty.com, Makeup Artist Solange Whitlock at IG: solangefagundes, Hairstylist Briana Christian at IG: _royallycrowned, Hairstylist Taylor Shira at IG: cosmo.tshira, Hairstylist Samantha Cummings at IG: elevatedundercuts, Hairstylist Sarah Patterson at IG: Salonstyles_bysarah #CpixAperture #HistoricPostOffice #VintageAesthetic #Showbride

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