Bridal shows: Local vs. National-based

Historic CrowdLocal bridal shows are familiar with their home territory. They may even know many of the local vendors that qualify as a legitimate business to any newly engaged couple not familiar with who to contact. The multi-market show producer working around the country can get aggressive in each local sales campaign as they are not familiar with each local area wedding business. They may not be able to correct details into the assigned venue with traffic flow, seating, lighting, decor and other areas occurring during the day of the show. With year round weddings and exciting new brides every year, we realize that among all the amenities we have to offer, our most precious assets are our exhibitors and sponsors! We invite our local exhibitors at upcoming shows or mixers to submit bag stuffers  that serve as nice goodies in swag bags for engaged couples. For us, almost any month can qualify into bridal show season! Hampton Roads is always gearing up for bridal shows you don’t want to miss! Find inspiration in every booth is our goal! #bridalexpo #weddingshows #showbride #localbridalshows (photo credit: One-of-a-Kind Photography from Vintage Aesthetic Bridal Expo)

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