Bridal Show Tips

11 Expo Guide.jpg1. When you arrive at the #bridalshow, prepare to wait in line to register. Even if you have to #preregister, this is your time to focus on getting acquainted with the venue and who will be there.
2. Bring pre-printed self-adhesive address labels. This saves you time to sign up for anything you want very quickly with every participating #exhibitor. No labels? Bring something to write with. #Showbride and other vendors should have pens available.
3. Bring payment for any services to hold dates with a deposit. Check on refund policies before paying, and go over the contract with that #wedding vendor.
4. Collect information and samples. Bring it home to review later. Most important is to get #vendor contact information to communicate again.
5. If you’re unable to attend, send a friend or relative to register you for prizes and meet with vendors for you! They can also win #doorprizes and #grandprizes.
6. We have #Engaged, #Bridetobe, #Groomtobe stickers so #exhibitors can identify you.
7. Bring your fiance! About 30% of fiances attend. It’s twice as good to consider making decisions there. Looking forward in seeing you soon! #bridalexpo

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