Update on #coronavirus

23 Colonial DJs copyIt has been very difficult for all of us in the Wedding and Event Industry recently. Thanks to Colonial DJs for your communication to ensure all present and future clients as well as businesses remain safe during these social distancing times.

Businesses such as Colonial DJs continue to be open while keeping things as normal as possible. All of us understand that many of you do not wish to meet in person during this craziness. You can still schedule a phone consultation, make a Skype/Facetime call, or another form of communication to discuss your future event possibilities.  This should make all as comfortable as possible and still able to plan your BIG DAY!

Anyone who has an event in the next few weeks, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns! All of us are doing our best to make sure that everything is running as smooth as possible! We are ALL in this TOGETHER! If you are looking to plan your wedding later this year, be sure to secure your date and venue as soon as possible.  Many of the events scheduled in the next three months are already rescheduling later this year or in 2021. Please note: These dates will be filling up fast!

Any changes, please continue to keep in touch with businesses such as #ColonialDJs. We are staying positive during this time for everyone while continuing the excitement of your wedding planning! Keep calm, stay well, and frequent hand washing! #Showbride

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